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June 27

Welcome, ZealousSheep (New Contributor) … Awesome

Posted by: EvangelicalDisciple “Your blog is too manly.” “Your beards are overwhelming.” And the critiques go on and on.  So, SimplyBearded and I decided to silence the masses. WELCOME, ZEALOUSSHEEP!!! Elizabeth Rzepka, the feminine genius incarnate.  With a million loves, like: Alpaca (some sort of llama?), cheese, little critters (not spiders)… her one true love […]

June 11


It’s so great.  Bryan Kujawa is so great.  And now he is a part of EvangelicalDisciple.  Deacon now, Priest soon, awesome always. Quick fact sheet: He is about 8 feet tall. He might have animals growing in his beard. He hasn’t worn socks for 5 years. He simply wants to be as simple as simply […]