Jesus Christ is King!

Check out this sound clip taken from a sermon by Dr. S.M. Lockridge:

“He supplies strength to the weak. He’s available for the tempted and the tried. … He defends the feeble. He serves the unfortunate.”

“Death couldn’t handle him and grave couldn’t hold him!”

Jesus must reign in our hearts! He is our only hope against the devil! Give him complete authority over your life. Place him on the throne of your heart! Call upon him at every moment of trial, give him glory in every moment of joy, and thank him for the life he has given you. Imitate his righteousness by reaching out in love to the poor, the imprisoned, the hungry, the homeless, and the unfortunate among us. Imitate his mercy by forgiving all who have sinned against you.

See how he humbled himself by placing aside his crown of jewels for a crown of thorns. See how he stepped down from his glorious throne in Heaven to be hung on the Cross as a criminal, all so that we may enter into his Heavenly Kingdom at the time of our passing from this life to the next. Without this King, our lives are left to be empty of meaning and purpose. Without this King, we will never know true peace and joy. Without this King, we will not know what it means to truly live:

“I came that they might have life, and have it in abundance.” (John 10:10)

That’s my king!

Examining the Sacred Heart of Jesus



Behold the Heart of your Savior!

Engulfed in the burning fire of love. Not just any love, no, but a mature, fully committed, and unending love. This flame of love drove Him in the quest to save His beloved. This flame of love drove Him to die on the cross so that we may live. What a beautiful love!

Wrapped by the crown of thorns, which He, the King of Heaven, wore as His crown on earth. This crown of thorns made Him suffer immense pain, yet the flame of love pressed Him to endure it all for us. His suffering was transformed into great and powerful prayer: “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.”

The wound below His crown, still bleeding His most sacred blood. Always bleeding His most sacred blood. It may seem as though it ought to run dry, but it will always bleed for us as a fountain of love and mercy. This bleeding Heart constantly pours out life into the Body of Christ, the Church.

The cross in the midst of the flame, as though this Heart knows how much it must sacrifice if the flame of love is to survive. The flame only grows when given the opportunity to embrace the wood of the cross, which ultimately means sacrificing the very life of the Heart. Yet the complete sacrifice only allows the Heart to reveal it’s true strength and power, for It lives even after Its death.

Finally, this entire Heart is surrounded by the Divine Light itself, revealing the supreme Love of God, who sent His only Son – the second Person of the Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ – to dwell among men and die for the sake of their salvation. This Divine Light blocks out all darkness and does not allow sin to penetrate the Heart, but instead allows the Heart to spread the Light to all the corners of the world, constantly revealing the great love and mercy of God.

This Heart allows us to become children of God. This Heart allows us life in Heaven after death. Let’s all pray that our hearts may become more like this Heart everyday.

Sacre-CoeurHeart of Jesus, celestial flame, divine fire, destroy in us all that is not pure, and grant that our affections may be entirely yours. May we live only for love and die of love.

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