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December 05

Stay Awake: Preparing My Home

As we continue our efforts to stay awake for the coming of Jesus, we have to begin preparing for our guest, who is the King of the world.

August 09

Active Faith [SERMON]

The Israelites had to prove their faith in God by sacrificing one of the false gods of the Egyptians. Their action showed the Lord and the world that they trusted in the promises of their God, even though it was a big risk. The Lord invites us to take big risks by preparing well for when he comes again. Will our actions reveal faith in God?

May 09

You Will Be Clothed With Power [SERMON]

We go to sporting events, various entertainment events, restaurants, and we expect them to be prepared for us when we arrive. Jesus is sending his Holy Spirit to us – the Holy Spirit is coming to us, and He expects us to be prepared when He arrives. Are we preparing?