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February 14

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! I can see the love in Your eyes Laying yourself down Raising up the broken to life — “Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace),” Hillsong This song is wonderful. Look at your Savior, who is love itself. Let His love fill you. Then be a bearer of His great love to the world.

November 06

Advent: Walk with Mary to Jesus

Posted by: Zealoussheep The glorious season of Advent is approaching. The superabundance of graces poured forth for us in the Incarnation of Jesus Christ are so vast! We are invited to make ready our hearts and dispose them for his coming. I invite you to consider during the next three weeks some ways to intentionally seek […]

September 17

Life & Death

Posted by: zealoussheep Sometimes, I am tempted to think that the world, societies, and cultures are caught in a downward spiral toward darkness and destruction. I look around and wonder if my fellow human beings are taking care to cultivate Life in their souls or are they hurtling towards death. On a whim as I […]

August 29


Few people are saved (cf. Matthew 7:14).  Fewer yet are those enlisted in the canon of Saints of Holy Mother Church.  But who receives remembrance and praise like John the Baptist? Two feasts, honoring his two births: his birth from Elizabeth’s womb, and his birth into eternity! To continue with a liturgical study, it is […]

March 04

Magnifying God

One night in worship, a song’s lyrics went like this: We will magnify, We will magnify the Lord enthroned in Zion. I was completely distracted by the word magnify.  I don’t know what it means!  I mean, I know what it means, but I couldn’t think of a tight definition at the time.  What does […]