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May 17

The Will of My Father

The will of the Father is that we have eternal life, which is attained by turning to Jesus Christ.

July 02

Souls and Money – Sermons of Father Vasek

Jesus became poor (human) that you might become rich (saved). Then, Saint Paul switches gears on what that means for you $$$. Listener Beware: There is a lot of yelling.

April 14

“Playing” Judas – Sermons of Father Vasek

Imagine being in a play of the Passion of the Christ… what is the one role you don’t want to play? … Judas! EEEEK. Nobody wants to ‘play’ Judas. Listen to this sermon.

April 12

The Burning Love of Jesus – The Institution of the Holy Eucharist – Sermons of Father Vasek

Jesus shows His burning love for us in the institution of the Holy Eucharist and washing of feet. Find out more of the deep teaching of Saint John in this sermon!

April 11

The Need to Kneel – Good Friday – Sermons of Father Vasek

God knelt before His creation to teach them before Whom they are to kneel… and why.

August 12

Generous Response 05 – Humility – PREACHED MESSAGE

As a conclusion to the Sermon Series “GENEROUS RESPONSE”, this message on HUMILITY should help us to boldly move forward in generous Christian living. Find the entire series and more on iTunes or at evangelicaldisciple.com

July 24

Generous Response 04 – Gospel Poverty – PREACHED MESSAGE

Voluntary Poverty removes obstacles so that I can identify with the will of Jesus and be ready to go where He goes. I am then free to focus completely on Heaven, knowing that this is not my homeland. The simple life brings freedom for discipleship. The Missionaries of Charity are a great community to get to know if you’d like to find out more about this, or even bring this way of life into your home. Find out more and find a lot more of Evangelical Disciple at Soundcloud and on iTunes. This is THE GENEROUS RESPONSE.