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July 02

Souls and Money – Sermons of Father Vasek

Jesus became poor (human) that you might become rich (saved). Then, Saint Paul switches gears on what that means for you $$$. Listener Beware: There is a lot of yelling.

October 23

2 Keys to Christian Prayer (2 part sermon series on Luke 18 – full series here)

Two sermons on Christian Prayer based in the parables of Jesus of Luke 18: 1) Persistent Petition and 2) Humble Hearted. Enjoy and share!

October 23

Humble Hearted (Luke 18 part 2 of 2)

The tax collector becomes a model for Christian prayer, rooted in humility. Find out more in this sermon, number 2 of 2 in the mini-series on Christian Prayer. Listen to number 1 of 2: “Persistent Petition”.

October 19

Persistent Petition (Luke 18 part 1 of 2)

The battle belongs to the Lord’s people when they are in unceasing intercession, when they are persistent in petition. Listen to this sermon based in Exodus 17 and Luke 11 and 18 to find out more.

October 03

Get Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries

Prayer is necessary for the increased respect for Life. This sermon speaks directly to a number of Life issues.

July 25

Fire and Brimstone (Audio Sermon)

What does Fire and Brimstone preaching mean? Find out in this week’s message: “Fire and Brimstone”. Justice and Mercy embrace.

July 04

Written in Heaven

Is your name written in Heaven? Do you know? What does that even mean? While there is a lot to mention on this topic, this message simply shares through a few recent encounters how this verse from Luke 10:20 has come to the foreground: Rejoice that your names are written in Heaven.