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June 12

To Be Set Free [SERMON]

The mercy of God is so powerful. We need his mercy to experience true freedom.

April 13

No Longer Slaves

In the book of Exodus, the Israelites encounter the miraculous parting of the Red Sea to bring them to ultimate freedom from the 400+ years of slavery they endured at the hands of the Egyptians. They were saved through water. This story prefigures our baptism, where we too are saved through water. The magnificence and […]

April 12

Bursting with Mercy [audio sermon]

In Adam and Eve’s fall, a sort of dam was constructed between God and man. In Christ Jesus, that dam was destroyed. Now, waves of mercy reach to the ends of the earth. We focus not on the dam of our sin and infidelity, but on the torrents of grace which have burst into the world.

September 29

Prayer Ministry: A Personal Prayer

posted by: evangelicaldisciple
This personal prayer assists us in renouncing satan and claiming the Precious Blood of Jesus to free us, bringing under the Lordship and care of Jesus. Pray it often!

September 26

Look to the Cross [SERMON]

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listen to this recent sermon from evangelicaldisciple.

September 02

Prayer Ministry: Deliverance

posted by: evangelicaldisciple
A litany for deliverance from all sorts of sticky things. Jesus is our Deliverer.

July 30

What is Simplicity?

I’ve written in previous posts about simplicity and how it can assist us in remembering our mission to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, but I didn’t really offer a definition of simplicity. It’s a tough word to define, especially when seeking to satisfy the masses. I’ve had several conversations with the EvangelicalDiscipleĀ concerning the […]