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May 03

Sealed With the Gift: The Holy Spirit

I once heard this: “Without the Holy Spirit, the Good News is not actually good news.” Whoa. I like that quote. It opened my inner eyes to see just how much I need the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Trinity, to be active in my life. Without the Holy Spirit, it becomes impossible to […]

April 12

Bursting with Mercy [audio sermon]

In Adam and Eve’s fall, a sort of dam was constructed between God and man. In Christ Jesus, that dam was destroyed. Now, waves of mercy reach to the ends of the earth. We focus not on the dam of our sin and infidelity, but on the torrents of grace which have burst into the world.

April 02

Psalm 16 and What Jesus Knows /// A Deep Thought with a Simple Example

What was in the mind of Jesus, when He walked around Israel in our human flesh? He was God before He came. He is God after He ascends. But what about when He came and walked around on earth? Did He know everything that was going to happen for Him?  Did He know that He […]