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August 16

What it Means to Be a Christian – Part I – We Have No Idea

A few passages from the Sacred Scriptures have thrown me for a loop. Find out what they are and why I don’t think we know what it means to be a Christian yet.

July 18

The Better Part (Audio Sermon)

Did you know that Christianity has the most extensive history and experience of mysticism of all religions? Find out more in this sermon: “The Better Part”.

May 31

Love Gives Everything (AUDIO SERMON)

We all know that there is this capacity in us to love and to receive love. Where did it come from? And why does everyone seem to have it the same? The answer comes from understanding that we were made by a God Who IS Love.

May 18

Lifted Up [Audio Sermon]

Jesus was raised so to send the “PROMISE OF THE FATHER”. The Holy Spirit comes to ‘lift us’ into the life of a disciple.

June 11

Shocking (…plus a free book)

Answer these 3: 1) What is truth? 2) Define your way of life. 3) What is life? Go ahead… answer them.  then keep reading. … … … What are your answers? If any of them is not a simple 5 letter word, you have some things to think about.. JESUS is the answer to the […]

April 15

The Beloved Disciple’s Testimony and Your Testimony

I would like to look at John, the beloved disciple, and reflect on a few seasons of his life.  I would like to connect them with your life, so that you can identify where you are in relation to his path. Should we start at the end of his life or the beginning?  Let’s mention […]

April 02

Psalm 16 and What Jesus Knows /// A Deep Thought with a Simple Example

What was in the mind of Jesus, when He walked around Israel in our human flesh? He was God before He came. He is God after He ascends. But what about when He came and walked around on earth? Did He know everything that was going to happen for Him?  Did He know that He […]