Let Me See Them Hands Up!! #rap #sogood #jesus

2011 came and went… but this song is still really really good.  “YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS” by Tedashii.  So good.  Excellent rap.

I’m humbled from the start
my pride is in the cross
victory is mine, i’m working for the boss
you know what it is, and lemme see them hands up,
you know what it is, now lemme see them hands up
yeah we do it big, we ’bout to set it off
victory is mine, my pride is in the cross
you know what it is, and lemme see them hands up
you know what it is, now lemme see them hands up

Welcome, ZealousSheep (New Contributor) … Awesome

Posted by: EvangelicalDisciple

“Your blog is too manly.”
“Your beards are overwhelming.”

And the critiques go on and on.  So, SimplyBearded and I decided to silence the masses.


Elizabeth Rzepka, the feminine genius incarnate.  With a million loves, like: Alpaca (some sort of llama?), cheese, little critters (not spiders)… her one true love is to be a sheep, because she is IN LOVE with the GOOD SHEPHERD.  She is a zealous sheep, and so she is ZEALOUSSHEEP.

Be ready to see lots of colors and descriptive words and exclamation marks and pictures of animals and the Heart of Jesus everywhere…  it’s gonna be great!




Hey devil… You are Defeated!!!

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YES! YES! YES! Kari Jobe did it again!
“Our resurrected King has rendered you defeated!”
Hey devil… YOU ARE DEFEATED!!!
The Blood of Jesus has won the day, and “we sing Alleluia, the Lamb has overcome.”
Listen to it.
Close your eyes, or lift them to Heaven.
Fold your hands, or lift them to Heaven.
Either way, hearts’ surge, spirits’ shake, souls’ lift.


It’s so great.  Bryan Kujawa is so great.  And now he is a part of EvangelicalDisciple.  Deacon now, Priest soon, awesome always.

Quick fact sheet:

He is about 8 feet tall.

He might have animals growing in his beard.

He hasn’t worn socks for 5 years.

He simply wants to be as simple as simply possible.

And, did I mention, he is awesome.

He is SimplyBearded.




Do You Have a Biblical Worldview?

Your worldview is your guiding principle for life.  It answers the questions: What is most important?  How do I fit into the bigger picture?  What should I devote myself to?

A person can have a number of worldviews, I suppose, but one will rise to the fore as the true rule for life.

Some worldviews include:
Political: democrat, republican, independent…
Secular: this life is all that I have
Parochial: small town; my little life is the most important.
American: greatest country mindset; land of the free.
Religious: denominational identity.

Then there is the real-world worldview, the Biblical Worldview.  This is the worldview that Jesus gives to us, as He reveals the fullness of the truth of God.  “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life.” (Jn 14:6).

The Biblical Worldview is what brings everything into perspective, since every knee will bow at the name of Jesus.

Here are 21 aspects of the Biblical Worldview (not an exhaustive list):

1) Life is shorter than you think.

2) The path to Life is narrow.

3) Only a few are saved.

4) The things of this world are vain.

5) Everything comes to an end.

6) The time left is uncertain.

7) There will be a strict accounting of your life.

8) The road to Hell is easy.

9) The road to Salvation is hard.

10) You are indebted to God for your creation.

11) You owe God a debt of love.

12) You have wasted most of your life.

13) You deserve punishment.

14) The devil is real.

15) Sin is horrible.

16) There was a great price paid for your salvation.

17) There are consequences for your choices.

18) There will be a judgment.

19) You will go either to Heaven or to Hell.

20) Heaven is better than you can imagine

21) Hell is worse than you can imagine.


Do you remember that scene in the Gospels where Jesus gathered in the disciples and asked them “Who do people say that I am?”who do you say I am

That same question has been posed down throughout the centuries.

Who do you say that Jesus is?

“I get my moral code from Him.” – oh, so He is a teacher.

“He told us about God.” – oh, so He is a prophet.

People of all religions can say these things about Jesus.

If someone walked up to you:

s: Who is Jesus?

me: He is a teacher of good things.

s: Who is Jesus?

me: He helps me know God.

That person is going to walk away unaffected and disinterested.  There are plenty of people teaching good things and helping to know God.

What does the book of Revelation say?

Jesus Christ, to Him who is a nice teacher and helpful to know about God, to Him be nice words and pathetic statements for ever and ever.


Revelation 1:5-6:

To Him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by His blood, making us into a kingdom, priests for his God and Father, to him be glory and power for ever and ever. Amen (Rev 1:5-6).

Let’s try again…

s: Who is Jesus?

me: Jesus is the one who has loved me and has freed me from my sins by His blood, and put me into a kingdom where He reigns!

A movie came out about a persecution of Christians in Mexico called “For Greater Glory.”

There is this 14 year old boy who had seen a priest get shot because the priest wouldn’t stop celebrating the Holy Mass.  The 14 year old boy gets arrested because he had been going around saying “Viva Cristo Rey” (Long live Christ the King).  Those who arrested him were trying to get him to renounce this statement.  “Just say ‘Muerte’ (death to Christ the King) and we will let you go.”  They were holding guns against him and forcing him, “just say ‘muerte’ and we will let you go.”  The 14 year old boy is faced with life and death for himself.  After abuse, and force, he must make a decision.  Those who arrested him even had his family come and they were pleading to him for his life, “just come to us.  Do what you need to do and come to us.”  I wonder what went through that boy’s mind.  I wonder if that priest who was shot came to his mind.  I wonder if a vision of Jesus enthroned in Heaven came to his mind.  The 14 year old boy looked at those who would take his life, looked at his family, smiled and said to them “I love you” and then simply said “Viva Cristo Rey.”  He was shot dead.  14.



Jesus Christ is the King of the universe.  He is the crucified King of the Church.

There is no benefit for you if he is the King of the universe and the King of the Church, if He is not King enthroned on your heart.

He is the King of the Heavens.

He is the King of the Earth.

He needs to be the King of your heart.

I love the scene from the Avengers, when Loki scares all the people onto a front lawn of some fancy building.  Loki is this crazy warmonger with an insatiable appetite for power and glory.  After scaring all these people outside, he brings them all to silence.

“KNEEL BEFORE ME!”  Nobody moves; they are terrified.

“I SAID KNEEL!” And he forces them to kneel with the scepter in his hand.


He is so right, but with all the wrong intentions.  God made you for Himself, that He may be your King.  Not for domination; not for fear; not for slavery.

“To Him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by His blood, making us into a kingdom.”


But Loki was right: every knee will bow, in Heaven, on earth, and under the earth – whether they want to or not.  All people will kneel.  Some will kneel in adoration and praise.  Others will kneel in pain, and in shame, and in eternal torment.

All people will kneel.  Some will kneel in adoration and praise.
Others will kneel in pain, and in shame, and in eternal torment.

Is Jesus the King of your heart, individually?

I know He is the King of the Church as a whole, but what about each individual?


Test it out.  What do you say when someone asks you who Jesus is to you?  What do you say?

A teacher? A prophet? KING?

Test it out.  Pray for 10 minutes every day.  Will you?  If someone told you to kneel down at you bed for 10 minutes every day and pray, would you?  If someone told you to kneel down at your bed for 10 minutes every day and pray, and then they would give you 1000 dollars in 100 dollar bills each day, would you?  WHO WOULDN’T?!  We do it for money, but will we do it because Jesus is our King?  All of the world’s answers are found in the Heart of Jesus, in prayer!

Test it out.  Have you spoken against someone?  Have you spoken in anger?  Have your cursed?  Have you lied? Have you been selfish?  He is not yet King as He wants to be King.  He is not yet King as He needs to be King.

Declare Him King, then depend on Him as King.  Submit yourself to His rule, so He can change you, and make you into His kingdom.


To Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the firstborn of the dead and ruler of the Kings of the earth.  To Him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by His blood, who has made us into a kingdom, priests for His God and Father, to Him be glory and power forever and ever! Amen! – Rev 1:5-6

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