Days of Grace

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We are blessed to be immersed in immense days of grace. First, we have been invited to peer into the wounded side of Our Savior and journey the path of the soldier’s lance and so find that most beautiful Heart pierced for love of us.17c10aad06c2615dcc8551edd2d8e492

Then we behold Our Mother, whose Immaculate Heart is a mirror of all the virtues. A heart full of light and beauty reflecting the radiance of the Sacred Heart.
Doves and the Heart of Mary

Finally, rounding out a tremendous trifecta, we honor the Princes of Apostles, Peter and Paul, among the foremost witnesses of the Faith.

Exactly four years ago today, I boarded a plane to depart the Eternal City and return to America. There I spent a year face to face with these princes, confronted concretely with the places and circumstances of their deaths, and with their passion, zeal, and sacrifice. Standing in the places where they shed their blood, I recognized anew the voice of my Savior and theirs calling me to the same: Lay down your life. For love of ME give it all.

Martyrdom, the shedding of one’s blood, is a literal manifestation of giving it all. We may not all be called to die a martyr’s death, but we are called to lay all that we have, are, and will be, before the throne of our King and God and give him all, each and every day.

How are you living? Are you ready to shed your blood? Every Christian disciple should aspire to be brave enough to do so. St. John Paul II said,

If something is not worth dying for, it’s not worth living for.

Is our faith something worth dying for, really living for? Is our living a shining witness of readiness to give it all? Of having interiorly surrendered everything, fully uniting our will to HIS?

May these days of grace be an occasion to gaze upon that burning, pierced, enflamed Sacred Heart. To gaze upon that pure, holy, fragrant, sword skewered Immaculate Heart. To look into those fierce, courageous eyes of those martyred princes. May these days fortify you. May they call you on to greatness. May they inspire you to follow our Savior, our Mother and Saints Peter and Paul in generously pouring out your life. May your offering yield for the world an increasingly confident, joyful, courageous Catholic witness that begins right now in your heart enflamed by love.




You Make Me Brave (great worship music)

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I know lots of people who make declarations about their situation, and those same people often times get what they declare. A lot of times, those people are pessimists and they make declarations about how bad things are going to be.
NOTE WELL: I am not going to now make a declaration that we can create our future, like Heath Ledger did back in probably the best film of 1991, A Knight’s Tale: “He changed his stars after all.” Click here to see the actual tear jerker clip (yep, it brought tears to mine eyes!)

NOTE WELL: I am going to now make a declaration that God wants to strengthen us by His Word, and He wants to show us favor, and to make us increase!
What if, instead of standing in front of a mirror, talking to yourself like what’s-his-name in the film Cool Runnings, “I see pride; I see power; I see a bad news mother, who won’t take no crap off nobody” (edited), why don’t you stand in front of Heaven and make your declaration before the King.



This is what Amanda Cook is inviting us to in this very excellent hymn of praise to God: YOU MAKE ME BRAVE. Over and over again, starting at 2:59, and continuing for minutes, we can declare over the enemy, over the land, over ourselves, unto God, that God is the One who makes us brave. YES!

God, You make me brave.  You make me brave.  You make me brave.  You make me brave.  You make me brave.  You make me brave.  You make me brave.

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