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Since its launch in December of 2012, EvangelicalDisciple has now reached 10,000 views with a following of over 4000 people, including Facebook and Twitter.  All that with free resources.  THAT IS GREAT NEWS!!!  … … Bad news… those free resources aren’t able to keep up much longer.  Prime example: SoundCloud hosts 3 hours of audio tracks for free… we have 6 minutes left and then we have maxed out.

What we currently have:

Free blog

Free SoundCloud

Generic recording devices

What we’d like to do:

upgrade to WordPress PREMIUM: $100 per year. Benefits: expanded blogging techniques; no ads (this is big… ads can be nasty); greater flexibility in design; greater influence in the world wide web with unique domain name.

upgrade to SoundCloud PRO: $135 per year. Benefits: we are out of time on the free program, so without this SoundCloud is over; unlimited recording; greater flexibility in audio hosting

lots of other things!  However, the above is the main campaign at this time.  If you like what you see/hear, please think about supporting our growth!

May Jesus Christ be Praised!

EvangelicalDisciple, SimplyBearded and ZealousSheep


Father Craig Vasek, Deacon Bryan Kujawa, and Elizabeth Rzepka



Send us a note and we’ll share ways to support us.

Welcome, ZealousSheep (New Contributor) … Awesome

Posted by: EvangelicalDisciple

“Your blog is too manly.”
“Your beards are overwhelming.”

And the critiques go on and on.  So, SimplyBearded and I decided to silence the masses.


Elizabeth Rzepka, the feminine genius incarnate.  With a million loves, like: Alpaca (some sort of llama?), cheese, little critters (not spiders)… her one true love is to be a sheep, because she is IN LOVE with the GOOD SHEPHERD.  She is a zealous sheep, and so she is ZEALOUSSHEEP.

Be ready to see lots of colors and descriptive words and exclamation marks and pictures of animals and the Heart of Jesus everywhere…  it’s gonna be great!





It’s so great.  Bryan Kujawa is so great.  And now he is a part of EvangelicalDisciple.  Deacon now, Priest soon, awesome always.

Quick fact sheet:

He is about 8 feet tall.

He might have animals growing in his beard.

He hasn’t worn socks for 5 years.

He simply wants to be as simple as simply possible.

And, did I mention, he is awesome.

He is SimplyBearded.




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