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October 20

Because He Lives

Posted by: ZealousSheep Matt Maher has a way of penning the thoughts of my heart–in lyrical phrases accompanied by music that stirs the soul–that fills me with gratitude because these songs help me to pray as a child before the Father. His newest song has just premiered : Because He Lives. An anthemic, soulful song calling us to recall […]

October 01

Let Me See Them Hands Up!! #rap #sogood #jesus

posted by: evangelicaldisciple
“You know what it is” is a fabulous jam from Tedashii. Excellent beats, phenomenal rapping, and a very fun hook…. let me see them hands up! Play it over and over and over.

June 28

You Make Me Brave (great worship music)

posted by: EvangelicalDisciple I know lots of people who make declarations about their situation, and those same people often times get what they declare. A lot of times, those people are pessimists and they make declarations about how bad things are going to be. NOTE WELL: I am not going to now make a declaration […]

June 12

Hey devil… You are Defeated!!!

Posted by: EvangelicalDisciple   YES! YES! YES! Kari Jobe did it again! “Our resurrected King has rendered you defeated!” Hey devil… YOU ARE DEFEATED!!! The Blood of Jesus has won the day, and “we sing Alleluia, the Lamb has overcome.” Listen to it. Close your eyes, or lift them to Heaven. Fold your hands, or […]

October 25


Jesus is always desiring to come near to us. We often think He wants to condemn us, but that is a lie. That is the enemy tricking us. Jesus says “COME TO ME.” Jesus wants to love us. Jesus wants to show us mercy. He spoke to a lady once: “I love those who after […]

August 18

Misty Edwards – The Harlot

A number of images from Sacred Scripture come together in this very serious piece of poetic worship by Misty Edwards. The adulterous woman (John 8:1-11) forms the substance of the prayer. Misty uses this familiar Biblical account to place each of us into the same situation as the harlot, that is: we have all sinned, […]

March 11

I Will Return to God

This very unconventional song is a powerful expression of the Father’s strong and jealous desire for each individual soul which He has created and redeemed in the Blood of His Son. Our response to this great love is expressed: “I will return to my first love.” 20 minutes of an increasingly intense connection of the […]