You Make Me Brave (great worship music)

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I know lots of people who make declarations about their situation, and those same people often times get what they declare. A lot of times, those people are pessimists and they make declarations about how bad things are going to be.
NOTE WELL: I am not going to now make a declaration that we can create our future, like Heath Ledger did back in probably the best film of 1991, A Knight’s Tale: “He changed his stars after all.” Click here to see the actual tear jerker clip (yep, it brought tears to mine eyes!)

NOTE WELL: I am going to now make a declaration that God wants to strengthen us by His Word, and He wants to show us favor, and to make us increase!
What if, instead of standing in front of a mirror, talking to yourself like what’s-his-name in the film Cool Runnings, “I see pride; I see power; I see a bad news mother, who won’t take no crap off nobody” (edited), why don’t you stand in front of Heaven and make your declaration before the King.



This is what Amanda Cook is inviting us to in this very excellent hymn of praise to God: YOU MAKE ME BRAVE. Over and over again, starting at 2:59, and continuing for minutes, we can declare over the enemy, over the land, over ourselves, unto God, that God is the One who makes us brave. YES!

God, You make me brave.  You make me brave.  You make me brave.  You make me brave.  You make me brave.  You make me brave.  You make me brave.

Hey devil… You are Defeated!!!

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YES! YES! YES! Kari Jobe did it again!
“Our resurrected King has rendered you defeated!”
Hey devil… YOU ARE DEFEATED!!!
The Blood of Jesus has won the day, and “we sing Alleluia, the Lamb has overcome.”
Listen to it.
Close your eyes, or lift them to Heaven.
Fold your hands, or lift them to Heaven.
Either way, hearts’ surge, spirits’ shake, souls’ lift.


Jesus is always desiring to come near to us.
We often think He wants to condemn us, but that is a lie.
That is the enemy tricking us.
Jesus says “COME TO ME.”
Jesus wants to love us.
Jesus wants to show us mercy.
He spoke to a lady once:
“I love those who after a first fall come to Me for pardon…. I love them still more when they beg pardon for their second sin, and should this happen again, I do not say a million times, but a million million times, I still love them and pardon them, and I will wash in My Blood their last as fully as their first sin.”

I will wash in My Blood their last as fully as their first sin.

Sung by Allyson Prior, Grace to Love You is a fine example of the FACT that Jesus is more interested in coming near to us than condemning us, especially in the midst of our weak response.


Misty Edwards – The Harlot

A number of images from Sacred Scripture come together in this very serious piece of poetic worship by Misty Edwards.
The adulterous woman (John 8:1-11) forms the substance of the prayer. Misty uses this familiar Biblical account to place each of us into the same situation as the harlot, that is: we have all sinned, and deserve the judgment of God.

Some of the other Biblical themes in this drama: the harlot is a reoccurring symbol of Old Testament and also of Revelation.
The cup of wrath is seen as our suitable punishment, since we have violated the laws of God. He is holy, and we have sinned.
In miraculous and redemptive fashion, the Lamb of God comes on the scene and takes what is ours and makes it His own. We see here a beautiful, gripping, and salvific allusion to the Cross of Jesus Christ. The Perfect, Holy One of God takes what is our due, here described as “the cup” of wrath, the cup that was mine, the cup that I deserved.

Look what He has done for us!!! Would we not return praise and thanksgiving to the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world!!!

I Will Return to God

This very unconventional song is a powerful expression of the Father’s strong and jealous desire for each individual soul which He has created and redeemed in the Blood of His Son.
Our response to this great love is expressed:
“I will return to my first love.”

20 minutes of an increasingly intense connection of the Heart of God with the human heart.

I will return to God. This is a video companion to the recent post: THE OPEN HEART OF OUR FATHER GOD.

God’s Desire for Our Desire / 3 Songs to Help

The typical young adult is not thinking about eternity all that often.  The question of the individual human’s ultimate destiny is not usually at the foreground of the mind.  Lots of important questions are there, and even more not-at-all important questions are there.  Precisely because we are busy, active, bombarded, and in a hurry, we need to keep an eternal perspective.  What is God’s desire for us?  What is our response to look like?

Three songs, three movements.  God wants our decision for Him.  We must recognize our need.  We must offer ourselves to Him.

Forever – Ben Harper

This song shows us the eternal perspective we must keep in view: God wants our forever, and we wants God’s forever.

Lord, I Need You – Matt Maher

This song is our response to the forever that we recognize our need for.  God is the only One who can give it.

Here is My Heart – Kim Walker

Having recognized the forever we are meant for, and acknowledging our need for God to give it to us, this is our response, our life!

I Won’t Give Up

This prayer of petition goes well with the reflections “IN THE REAR VIEW” on The Spiritual Combat, 5.

Acknowledging personal guilt, acknowledging infinite goodness and might of God.

A tendency will often be, after a fall, to fall in on myself.  It seems the writer of this song recognized that tendency but overcame, rose, and went to God.  This is always the best move after a fall.  Go the the Father who loves.  This is what the lost son did in Luke chapter 15.  Recognizing his desperate situation, he decides: “I shall get up and go to my father” (Lk 15:18).  Persevering and humble faith will rise and go to the Father!

Little Drummer Boy


Little Drummer Boy performed by Faith Hill and acapella choir of men on David Letterman.

Why the little drummer boy is worthy:

The little drummer boy admits his own poverty, his lack of gift to bring the newborn King.  He is humble.  He is poor.  He is in a perfect position to be lifted up.  Mary looks to him and brings him to Jesus.

We must acknowledge our own poverty.  We must acknowledge our own lack-of-gift to bring.  Jesus is full of everything, and we are in lack.  When we acknowledge this, we are in a perfect position to be lifted up.

“I HAVE NO GIFT TO BRING!”  we declare.  Then He gives us the greatest gift, He brings us into His very presence and fills us with honor and glory.  We receive our gift, instead of trying to establish, mistakenly, that we have worthy gifts on our own.  Thank you, Jesus!

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