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November 30

Seeing Jesus Come to Life in People (Testimony and Song)

I want to share a joyful experience with you, one which is making my heart feel so full. Plus, I want to share a beautiful prayer song with you!

July 05

Let It Echo – Great Album to Aid Your Praise

Another great set of praises from Jesus Culture. Go into your hidden place and enter into praise with these great songs.

April 13

No Longer Slaves

In the book of Exodus, the Israelites encounter the miraculous parting of the Red Sea to bring them to ultimate freedom from the 400+ years of slavery they endured at the hands of the Egyptians. They were saved through water. This story prefigures our baptism, where we too are saved through water. The magnificence and […]

February 14

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! I can see the love in Your eyes Laying yourself down Raising up the broken to life — “Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace),” Hillsong This song is wonderful.¬†Look at your Savior, who is love itself. Let His love fill you. Then be a bearer of His great love to the world.

January 17


He’s the most beautiful, the most wonderful, the most glorious. It’s great to be overwhelmed by God in this way. Worship Him.

January 06

Epiphany: God made manifest

Epiphany is a marvelous and rich feast. Delightfully, that richness lingers throughout this whole last week of the Christmas season as we approach the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. We see embers of that richness reflected in the prayers offered in the Church’s liturgy and in the readings proclaimed from Sacred Scripture. We […]

November 17


Tru-Serva and DiJohn deliver powerful truth to echo in our soul in “Who I Am”. Listen and love this track. verse two is my fav.