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June 18

Love of Enemies?

What is the tandard of love? It is nothing other than the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who was crucified for those who were enemies of God.

Holy Spirit – Prayer Partner

This short teaching explains the role of the Holy Spirit in prayer. Your prayer life isn’t going so hot? Invite and embrace the Holy Spirit who has been given to you!   Texts: Romans 5:5 – The love of God has been poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit… Romans 8:26 – for […]

March 12

The City Was Known For… – Video Sermons of Father Vasek

Cana was known for what Jesus did there. Is it the same for you? Listen to this to hear 3 easy points on this 1 simple verse.

October 24

His Kingdom Will Have No End #1

“His Kingdom will Have No End” proclaims the Christian in the Nicene Creed. 6 sermons coming up to Christ the King on the theme of Jesus as King. This week, Jesus confounds the wicked religious rulers of the age.

August 13

“REMNANT ARISE” Series – #1: The STORM

The Church of Christ is in the midst of a storm, and the only remedy is to have Jesus Christ be the Captain of the Ship, not only of the Church global, but of each individual Christian life. This sermon is the first in the series “REMNANT ARISE” from Father Vasek. More can be found at Sound Cloud, iTunes, and Facebook.

February 23

Hope and Perseverance – Sermons of Father Vasek

A person can (wrongly) think that the promise of God isn’t for them – they DESPAIR. A person can (wrongly) think that the promise of God is secure without perseverance – they PRESUME. The virtuous one PERSEVERES in HOPE! That one will receive the kingdom. Enjoy this short teaching on “HOPE AND PERSEVERANCE”. Share with friends to build them up!

February 22

You Are A Temple – Sermons of Father Vasek

The Jews had the temple – that was THE place where God’s presence was. Jesus brings the FULL teaching that He is the temple, and that because we are in Him that means WE ARE THE TEMPLE OF GOD. What?! You are a temple! Listen to this sermon to be built up in dignity and purpose. “You Are A Temple”.