We are Reaching People

We have send a short invitation for people to donate to defray some of our costs. It seems a good idea to share what we’ve been able to do.

SoundCloud: Over 63,000 plays of sermons and talks from the past few years.
Website: Over 2300 people subscribe to any posts we make @ evangelicaldiscipe.com
Facebook: Around 4000 people follow what we share.
iTunes: Hundreds of sermons posted on our podcast, adding new content each week.

We hope to do even more.


Once in a While Money Request :)

donateHEY! Do you like the various ways in which Evangelical Disciple reaches people, either through our SoundCloud, iTunes, Facebook, website, etc.. We do, too! If you’d be willing to help defray the (fairly low) costs of recording, online presence, interface platforms (admin), etc, we’d be glad. If there is any money left over, we can also boost our posts to reach much wider audiences with the great message of the Gospel! Thanks! God Bless! – Fathers Vasek and Kujawa

How to donate:
email evangelicaldisciple@gmail.com for more information or contact us personally. Check, Venmo, GooglePay, and other forms of donation (cost reduction) are available.

Father Craig Vasek
7500 University Drive
Bismarck, ND 58504

New Endeavors: We are toying with YouTube channel videos and some better recording equipment at present, as well as looking at a few tech helpers to streamline our online presence.

Holy Spirit – Prayer Partner

This short teaching explains the role of the Holy Spirit in prayer. Your prayer life isn’t going so hot? Invite and embrace the Holy Spirit who has been given to you!



Romans 5:5 – The love of God has been poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit…


Romans 8:26 – for we do not know how to pray as we ought…


Living Flame of Love, Stanza III: Oh lamps of fire…

St. John of the Cross – Living Flame of Love, My Soul is a Candle – Discerning Hearts

Hope and Perseverance – Sermons of Father Vasek


A person can (wrongly) think that the promise of God isn’t for them – they DESPAIR. A person can (wrongly) think that the promise of God is secure without perseverance – they PRESUME. The virtuous one PERSEVERES in HOPE! That one will receive the kingdom. Enjoy this short teaching on “HOPE AND PERSEVERANCE”. Share with friends to build them up! Follow Evangelical Disciple on Soundcloud, iTunes podcast, Facebook or at the website evangelicaldisciple.com.

You Are A Temple – Sermons of Father Vasek


The Jews had the temple – that was THE place where God’s presence was. Jesus brings the FULL teaching that He is the temple, and that because we are in Him that means WE ARE THE TEMPLE OF GOD. What?! You are a temple! Listen to this sermon to be built up in dignity and purpose. “You Are A Temple”.

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