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July 11

8 Years as Priest – Reflections & Images

8 years as priest. Sermon reflections and images.

January 05

Love your fellow man, or…

1 Jn 3:15 clearly teaches us what is expected of us with regard to love of others. Let’s look at it.

November 30

Seeing Jesus Come to Life in People (Testimony and Song)

I want to share a joyful experience with you, one which is making my heart feel so full. Plus, I want to share a beautiful prayer song with you!

November 27

Jesus the Bridegroom – 3 Part Audio Sermon Series Available Here

Jesus is known by many titles. One is Bridegroom. Explore this reality and how it impacts your journey. It might blow your mind. It might revolutionize your spiritual life.

September 21

Mercy for Matthew and Me (Audio Sermon)

Matthew was the perfect candidate for the love of Jesus. So are you. Find out more in this short message on the calling of Matthew.

July 09

Bible Reading Fellowship – JOIN!

Join in our daily reading of the Bible, and we will send you a pocket edition of the New Testament!

July 06

Master of the Harvest

Jesus, the master of the harvest, calls us to himself to share in his divine work. He gives himself to us in such radical ways!