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April 13

Sacred Triduum: The Prayer of Poetry

Today begins the Sacred Triduum, the holiest time of the year. In these moments, sometimes I feel so deeply my human weakness and inadequacy and I say like Romans 8: “I do not know how to pray as I ought.” Come Holy Spirit, aid me in my weakness. As I’ve prayed this Holy Week, I […]

January 09

Hidden Right in Front of Your Eyes

There are beautiful and precious realities HIDDEN RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES. Hear this message and allow your eyes to be opened again to the gift. -God love you!

September 21

Mercy for Matthew and Me (Audio Sermon)

Matthew was the perfect candidate for the love of Jesus. So are you. Find out more in this short message on the calling of Matthew.

July 09

Bible Reading Fellowship – JOIN!

Join in our daily reading of the Bible, and we will send you a pocket edition of the New Testament!

July 07

I Am A Red Gem

I am glad to share this testimony from a recent time of prayer, where Jesus showed me His ability to heal and purify us.

June 29

Pierced to the Heart

I was pierced to the heart while reading the Gospel of John.  Jesus is telling his disciples that He is going to become like a grain of wheat, which needs to fall to the ground and die so that it can yield great fruit.  He is predicting His suffering and crucifixion along with His glorious […]

June 08

Straddle the Issue [audio/video]

Either Jesus is Lord of your heart or He is not. Don’t straddle the issue any longer.