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October 16

Beginning to Pray [SERMON]

Our prayer is so often our own little attempt to manipulate the Lord into giving us whatever we want. In our Gospel passage today, though, he reveals what exactly he will give to his chosen ones.

October 10

With a Loud Voice

St. Paul is writing his final thoughts to Timothy as he nears his martyrdom: “Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead…such is my gospel.” He recognizes that he’s been cleansed by the power of Jesus Christ and his response is to preach the Word of God all the way to his death. What has been our response to the cleansing power of Jesus?

October 04

Who is in Control? [SERMON]

Who is in control of your life? Are you able to have faith that Jesus is always in control, even when it seems he’s not? If our faith is the size of a mustard seed, then we need to plant that faith in the heart of Jesus and allow him to move us where he wants us to go.

September 27

The Key to Discipleship

The Call of St. Matthew reveals the key to discipleship. This is the most important principle for anyone who wishes to share in the mission of Jesus Christ.

September 26

Wealthy Enough to Share [SERMON]

Jesus gives us a startling story of a man who had plenty and refused to share with someone in need. This refusal led him straight into the torments of hell. We, too, are meant to share our wealth with those in need. What kind of wealth? Of course, we need to share our material wealth, but we also need to share our spiritual wealth. If we have no spiritual wealth, the Lord wants us to become wealthy.

September 20

Jesus Had Brothers?

This Gospel passage speaks about Jesus having brothers. What? Did Mary have other children after she had Jesus? What does it mean to be a brother of the Lord?

September 19

The Generous Master [SERMON]

One steward noticed generosity in his interaction with his master. That generosity moved him to risk his life that the master would remain generous in a much bigger matter. We have all received from God’s great generosity – does that move us to risk anything, trusting that God will remain generous in much bigger matters?