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December 29

Prayer Workshop: The Pirate Prayer

Here’s a great assistant to your prayer. It’s called the Pirate Prayer. Okay, it’s not actually called that. But if you know how pirates speak, then you’ll never forget this prayer. “ARRR!” Here’s what those letters mean: Acknowledge Relate Receive Respond Acknowledge your feelings. What emotions are you feeling right now? Admit to yourself that […]

December 18

Stay Awake: Welcoming the Lord

We’ve invited, prepared, and waited. Now it’s time to welcome our Guest. How will we welcome him?

December 12

Stay Awake: The Waiting Game

After I’ve invited Jesus and prepared for him to come, what do I do next? Well, wait.

December 05

Stay Awake: Preparing My Home

As we continue our efforts to stay awake for the coming of Jesus, we have to begin preparing for our guest, who is the King of the world.

December 05

Stay Awake: Beginning With Desire

In our preparations for Advent, we’re invited to pause and reflect on our lives. We’re invited to stay awake for the coming of Jesus. This all begins with desire.

October 31

The Foundation [SERMON]

We so quickly easily forget our identity as God’s beloved children. This is a problem the world has created, and we too easily believe the lie that there is something wrong with us. We need to realize that God loves all he has created. If he loves me, why should I hate me?

October 24

Mercy: For Everyone

Jesus paints a picture of a righteous man who just doesn’t understand the ways of the Lord. We can too easily become like this man. Our sin offends God, like everyone else’s sin offends God, so we need to cry out for mercy.