About This Site

EvangelicalDisciple is focused on revealing the Heart of God.

The posts are all geared so that people receive an invitation:
to know Jesus more fully, to love Jesus more deeply, and to serve Jesus more freely.

The posts are all fed by the Sacred Scriptures and the teaching of the holy men and women throughout the Christian centuries.

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Father Craig Vasek is a Catholic Priest.  He wants all souls to be saved and come to the knowledge of truth.  He wants all people to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  He wants all to enter into the heart of Jesus.  He wants to tell the world about Jesus and he wants the world to tell the world about Jesus.




Deacon Bryan Kujawa is a Catholic Deacon.  He wants all to know the kindness of God and the fellowship that we share with His Son Jesus.  He has been crucified with Christ and the life he lives is not his own; he wants to know only Jesus, and to share only Jesus, and to inherit only Jesus.



Elizabeth Rzepka is enflamed with love for Jesus.  She loves Him, and she loves His Bride, the Church.  Jesus is the Good Shepherd and we are to be His sheep, heeding His voice and attentive to His word.  Elizabeth has made it her aim to know the Heart of Jesus and, enflamed and zealous with this love, to tell the world.  BEHOLD, THE LAMB OF GOD!