The Need to Kneel – Good Friday – Sermons of Father Vasek


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  1. My dear friend, how I miss the words of our Lord Jesus Christ flow through your heart, flowing amongst your flock. How I envy them to have a shepherd who is truly in love with Jesus Christ and reflecting that love upon his flock.

    I used to kneel down to alcohol and drugs finding only misery and dispair. You helped me in my journey of faith to understand who Jesus Christ truly was, is and eternally will be. Today I kneel down to my Savior, Jesus Christ, not of fear but of humble LOVE for his willingness to take on humanity and walk among his flock. Today I am filled with PEACE, LOVE and JOY, because even with all of my shame and filth of sin, his death and reserrection gives me the opportunity to have eternal LIFE.

    To your flock I say “Amen, Amen my brothers and sisters in Christ God has given you a fortune unimaginable. He has given you a shepherd that leads you to the truth of the WORD, a shephard that loves you more than you will ever realize. A love borne out of his love for The Holy Trinity, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. A true love of our Savior Jesus Christ. Listen to his words, the voice of our Lord spoken through him and realize all he says and does is out of LOVE.”

    My love to you my friend,

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