Love your fellow man, or…

Here we let the Sacred Scripture do all the work. Strong. Sober. Clear.

1st Letter of John, chapter 3, verse 15.

Any one who hates  his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.

Now, maybe you think this does not apply to you. But let’s just make sure, going backwards through the principles at play.

Eternal Life: Not given to murderers.
Resolution: I want eternal life, so I can not be a murderer.

Murderer: Anyone who hates his brother.
Resolution: I do not want to be accounted as a murderer, so I will not hate my brother.

Hate: It is clear from the Scriptures that ‘hate’ doesn’t simply mean “strong displeasure and hard feelings”.  Hate is when I dismiss someone, think they are not worthy of my time, prize my own plans over another, think poorly in any way.
Resolution: I do not want to hate, so I will not dismiss others, bypass them, think down upon them, or mistreat them in any way.

Brother: It is clear from the Scriptures that ‘brother’ is not only my biological brother.  It extends to all of my family members, all of my civic encounters, those in my neighborhood.  In short, every single person I encounter or am around is to be my brother.
Resolution: I do not want to miss seeing Jesus, who is present in my brother. I will look upon every single person in front of me, in my mind, or around me as my brother in the Lord.