Mercy: For Everyone

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  1. Amen I say to you my brother. How many times I have forgotten that sin is sin and Jesus died for us all.

    MY heart was opened up to our Lord’s Mercy while sitting in jail after attempting to kill my brother, it was than that Jesus humbled me, opening my heart to embrace all of my brothers as sisters with kindness and Mercy, as he showed me after my most grievous sin.

    We are proud to shout out to all that we,our selves are Christians, but fail in being Christ like, failing to truly he Christians, humble in prayer for his Mercy to fall upon all of God’s children.

    I ask for your prayers, as I pray for you.
    Oh Lord Jesus Christ I am a sinner, may you have mercy on me and all of my brothers and sisters.

    God Bless you Fr. Bryan.

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