Monthly Archives: October 2016

October 31

The Foundation [SERMON]

We so quickly easily forget our identity as God’s beloved children. This is a problem the world has created, and we too easily believe the lie that there is something wrong with us. We need to realize that God loves all he has created. If he loves me, why should I hate me?

October 24

Mercy: For Everyone

Jesus paints a picture of a righteous man who just doesn’t understand the ways of the Lord. We can too easily become like this man. Our sin offends God, like everyone else’s sin offends God, so we need to cry out for mercy.

October 23

2 Keys to Christian Prayer (2 part sermon series on Luke 18 – full series here)

Two sermons on Christian Prayer based in the parables of Jesus of Luke 18: 1) Persistent Petition and 2) Humble Hearted. Enjoy and share!

October 23

Humble Hearted (Luke 18 part 2 of 2)

The tax collector becomes a model for Christian prayer, rooted in humility. Find out more in this sermon, number 2 of 2 in the mini-series on Christian Prayer. Listen to number 1 of 2: “Persistent Petition”.

October 19

Persistent Petition (Luke 18 part 1 of 2)

The battle belongs to the Lord’s people when they are in unceasing intercession, when they are persistent in petition. Listen to this sermon based in Exodus 17 and Luke 11 and 18 to find out more.

October 16

Beginning to Pray [SERMON]

Our prayer is so often our own little attempt to manipulate the Lord into giving us whatever we want. In our Gospel passage today, though, he reveals what exactly he will give to his chosen ones.

October 10

With a Loud Voice

St. Paul is writing his final thoughts to Timothy as he nears his martyrdom: “Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead…such is my gospel.” He recognizes that he’s been cleansed by the power of Jesus Christ and his response is to preach the Word of God all the way to his death. What has been our response to the cleansing power of Jesus?