Monthly Archives: September 2016

September 27

The Key to Discipleship

The Call of St. Matthew reveals the key to discipleship. This is the most important principle for anyone who wishes to share in the mission of Jesus Christ.

September 26

Wealthy Enough to Share [SERMON]

Jesus gives us a startling story of a man who had plenty and refused to share with someone in need. This refusal led him straight into the torments of hell. We, too, are meant to share our wealth with those in need. What kind of wealth? Of course, we need to share our material wealth, but we also need to share our spiritual wealth. If we have no spiritual wealth, the Lord wants us to become wealthy.

September 21

Mercy for Matthew and Me (Audio Sermon)

Matthew was the perfect candidate for the love of Jesus. So are you. Find out more in this short message on the calling of Matthew.

September 20

Jesus Had Brothers?

This Gospel passage speaks about Jesus having brothers. What? Did Mary have other children after she had Jesus? What does it mean to be a brother of the Lord?

September 19

The Generous Master [SERMON]

One steward noticed generosity in his interaction with his master. That generosity moved him to risk his life that the master would remain generous in a much bigger matter. We have all received from God’s great generosity – does that move us to risk anything, trusting that God will remain generous in much bigger matters?

September 12

The Logic of Mercy [SERMON]

Jesus reveals how important each person is to God. Each person is as every person. So, when one leaves, it’s as though the Father has lost everything and all he can do is wait for that one to return. Jesus’ coming shows that the Father has sent his son to save us sinners from death.

September 07

From Virtue to Blessing

We dive beneath the surface of St. Luke’s version of the beatitudes and discover some powerful meaning to the four blessings.