Monthly Archives: August 2016

August 29

The Better Way [SERMON]

The Letter to the Hebrews is written to show the recent converts that the way of Jesus Christ is far better than anything found in the Old Testament, as good as it is. The way of Jesus Christ is the way of humility, constantly going lower so that others may be lifted up. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are invited to imitate him in lowering ourselves.

August 22

Becoming a Christian Family [SERMON]

It can be very difficult to follow Jesus Christ because the culture pushes us away from doing so. On top of that, our own struggle with sin can make it seem easier to avoid Christianity because of the tension caused from within us. Both of these types of tension can make us feel isolated and even more willing to give up. Something that will be of great help is our call to live as a family of believers who offer words of encouragement and accountability to each other. As one family, we will flourish.

August 16

What it Means to Be a Christian – Part I – We Have No Idea

A few passages from the Sacred Scriptures have thrown me for a loop. Find out what they are and why I don’t think we know what it means to be a Christian yet.

August 09

Active Faith [SERMON]

The Israelites had to prove their faith in God by sacrificing one of the false gods of the Egyptians. Their action showed the Lord and the world that they trusted in the promises of their God, even though it was a big risk. The Lord invites us to take big risks by preparing well for when he comes again. Will our actions reveal faith in God?

August 02

Do Not Be Afraid

Our fear makes false gods out of the things that make us fearful. Jesus wants to build our faith in him by destroying these false gods.

August 01

What Matters to God [SERMON]

Jesus tells a parable in which a man is criticized by God for not being rich in what matters to God. This causes us to examine what matters to God and how we can become rich in it.