Monthly Archives: July 2016

July 09

Bible Reading Fellowship – JOIN!

Join in our daily reading of the Bible, and we will send you a pocket edition of the New Testament!

July 07

I Am A Red Gem

I am glad to share this testimony from a recent time of prayer, where Jesus showed me His ability to heal and purify us.

July 07

The Good Father

Throughout history, God has revealed himself as a good Father and his people as his first-born son. We have been rebellious, yet he has not given up on us.

July 06

Go Memorize… wait… Go MAKE Disciples

I came across this short excerpt from Francis Chan on how lame it is to work around the issues and not to actually DO them. ┬áDon’t memorize stuff – do stuff!

July 06

Master of the Harvest

Jesus, the master of the harvest, calls us to himself to share in his divine work. He gives himself to us in such radical ways!

July 05

Let It Echo – Great Album to Aid Your Praise

Another great set of praises from Jesus Culture. Go into your hidden place and enter into praise with these great songs.

July 05

Bring Them to Jesus!

Jesus is only too happy to heal those who are unwell, but we are the ones who must bring the sick to the Physician.