Bring Them to Jesus!

A demoniac who could not speak was brought to Jesus, and when the demon was driven out the mute man spoke. – Matthew 9:32

This one simple verse from the Gospel of Matthew reveals so much! Let’s take a look.

First, the demoniac. This man is possessed by something. We might say he is consumed by something, in this case he is consumed by a demon. Because he is consumed, he is unable to speak, unable to express his true self. He is not whole as people are meant to be. From what we can gather from this short verse it seems it wasn’t even his idea to come to Jesus. He’s so occupied by what is consuming him that he is completely unaware that he can go to Jesus for healing.

This is where the others come into play. Matthew tells us this man was brought to Jesus. Even though he didn’t know the power of Jesus, others did. Those who had already encountered Jesus knew how this man could be relieved of the evil that was consuming his life. How could he be set free? Bring him to Jesus! If we truly consider ourselves as one body in Christ – we are the Body of Christ and He is the Head – then it is essential for the healthier members to care for the sick members. Notice I say healthier and not healthy, for none of us is fully healed from our sinful inclinations. Still, if we truly desire to be fully alive as the Body of Christ, those who are healthier must care for those who are sick, those who are consumed by anything or anyone other than Jesus Christ. We must all become consumed by Jesus.

From this one verse, it’s clear Jesus is only too happy to restore health to the sick members of his Body. Those who were healthy brought he who was sick to the Divine Physician and the Physician restored the sick to perfect health. How can we know? “…the mute man spoke.” While consumed with something other than Jesus, this man was unable to express his true self. After encountering Jesus, he was given the ability to express himself. He was restored!

This scene reveals the duty of all disciples! Our duty as disciples is to bring people to Jesus! If we ever encounter someone who is consumed with anyone or anything other than Jesus Christ, we must bring them to Jesus and ask Him to restore those who are sick. Present them to the Divine Physician and offer countless prayers on their behalf, trusting that Jesus can and will give them the ability to express their true self as a member of the Body of Christ. There is also a second aspect to this. As one Body, we sometimes have to carry the physical and tangible burdens of others so they may be restored. We have to walk with them in a spiritual AND physical way. As members of His Body, Jesus lives in each one of us, which means he wants to heal others through our actions, even as we are healed from our own unhealthy habits.

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