Monthly Archives: July 2016

July 25

Fire and Brimstone (Audio Sermon)

What does Fire and Brimstone preaching mean? Find out in this week’s message: “Fire and Brimstone”. Justice and Mercy embrace.

July 24

Our Father [SERMON]

We pray the Lord’s Prayer frequently, but we don’t always pay attention to what we’re praying and we don’t always know why we pray it. The Holy Spirit will help us understand.

July 19

In the Heat of the Day [SERMON]

We learn a valuable lesson this week: our prayer can be transformed even when we suffer.

July 18

The Better Part (Audio Sermon)

Did you know that Christianity has the most extensive history and experience of mysticism of all religions? Find out more in this sermon: “The Better Part”.

July 13

Fully Satisfied [SERMON]

We find some tension in the laws of the Old Testament, which don’t seem to allow for right worship and radical charity. How can we reconcile the tension? We can’t. But Jesus can, and he already did. He freed us from the old law so that we can both worship God fully and be charitable to our neighbor. Now the hunger can be satisfied, and it must be.

July 12


The Gospel of John is so rich, and I just finished listening to a 6 part study on it and wanted to pass it along! Enjoy!

July 10

Whose Lives Matter?

Whose Lives Matter?
How? Why?
Find out in this week’s sermon!