I just finished a free online study of John’s Gospel which opened my eyes to things I wouldn’t have seen without help.  6 audio lessons, each over an hour, and I wish there were more!

Scott Hahn has been studying the Scriptures for 30 some years and has compiled so many nuggets into these lessons which really feed the mind and the soul.


I will probably listen to them all again, but wanted to pass them on to you as well.  Don’t be afraid of the Gospel of John!  Scott quotes a scholar of ancient times when he says that John’s Gospel is like a baby pool which is safe for children, but it’s also a raging river of intensity for adults.  It means this: a surface read is rewarding enough, but a deeper read reveals real depths!  Go deep!

Here’s the direct link to the free study page:


Bible Reading Fellowship – JOIN!

Greetings in the Lord Jesus!

Are you interested in reading God’s Word on a daily basis?  Are you interested in joining others who do?  Join with me and others!

The plan is quite easy.

You send me a message and I will mail to you a pocket edition of the New Testament which has marked within it a daily reading plan, and you will then be on the same plan as a bunch of people who are prayerfully encouraging each other in the Lord!

And, if you want to get into a communal reflection email, you can see what other people think about those same Scriptures each day.

It’s great!

So, send me a message, and I will get you started.

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Here’s my reflection from today’s readings:

Biblical Reading Fellowship

Mt 22: 23-33

The Sadducees use a tricky example to test Jesus about the resurrection of the dead, since they don’t believe in the resurrection.  But what they don’t know is this: Jesus Christ has dwelt in Heaven from all eternity, and He knows all about what happens up there! So it’s not that hard of a question for Him; it’s like asking Him a simple question about His House; He knows everything about it!  It is so consoling to know that whatever questions or doubts I have about Heaven, Jesus already knows all about it and will take care of me.


It’s like a back and forth game.  The Pharisees despise the Sadducees and the Sadducees despise the Pharisees.  And they are both taking their turns to see who can silence this guy.  Since He spoke so authoritatively about Heaven and our hypotheticals, let’s test Him on the Law and absolutes.  And He nailed it.  Why did He nail it?  Because He wrote it! Jesus Christ is the Word of the Father; therefore, He is the Author of the Law and knows its perfect application.

Acts 26

Paul shares his conversion story, again!  He loves to share how he came to follow Jesus.  We should remember those different moments as well, and be excited to share them with others often.

v.23: Paul claims that the Jews were waiting for the Messiah (the Christ) and that the prophecies indicated that the Christ was 1) to suffer; 2) to rise from the dead; 3) proclaim light to the Jews (people); 4) proclaim light to the Gentiles.

v.28-29: It is clear that Paul’s goal is to win people over to become Christians.  And they saw His goal.  We ought to make our goal clear – we are trying to win people to the love of Jesus Christ.

I Am A Red Gem

I am glad to share with you a beautiful moment from prayer.  Jesus showed me how He is able to make me holy, by both an image and a work in me.  I am confident that He wants to show His goodness to you as well!!

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