Pierced to the Heart


I was pierced to the heart while reading the Gospel of John.  Jesus is telling his disciples that He is going to become like a grain of wheat, which needs to fall to the ground and die so that it can yield great fruit.  He is predicting His suffering and crucifixion along with His glorious Resurrection.  He is ALSO binding us to the same way, and he says “He who loves his life with lose it; he who is an enemy to his own life in this world will keep it, so as to live eternally.

You’ve heard it said that you must die to yourself.  The need to die to ourselves is for the purpose of finding eternal life.

There is a legend that Peter was leaving the city of Rome to save his life.  As he was leaving, He met Jesus on the way and asked Jesus where He was going.  Jesus said that He was going into the city of Rome to be crucified again.  Peter was distressed and said to Jesus that he would go with Him.  As Peter turned to go back into the city, Jesus disappeared.  Peter knew then that Jesus had appeared to him to remind Peter that he must bear witness to Jesus.  Peter must lose his physical life so that he could gain eternal life in Heaven.


As I read this passage today, I recognize that Jesus is reminding me to stop living for myself, and that I must live for Him, so to gain eternal life.  John 12:25 pierced my heart today.

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  1. Very much liked this !Peter , like all priests, was reminded of sacrifices & cost . The example of our own lives, the example to others . By each of our own witness , we each have our part.May God give us the strength to do our part.

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