Sealed With the Gift: The Gift of Piety

We’re preparing ourselves to receive the Holy Spirit in a new way at the celebration of Pentecost, the day we recall the gift of the Holy Spirit given to the disciples who were in one place together in Acts 2. There are so many ways we could prepare. This series is focusing on the gifts the Holy Spirit will provide for those who are prepared to receive them, which will allow us to live entirely for the Lord by prayer and action. For more information about this series, click here to find the original post.

We’ll continue our preparation with a look at the gift of piety (some call it reverence).

How does this gift help?

How do you view God? What is your relationship like? Is it merely a slave/Master relationship? If so – if you view God as nothing other than your Sovereign Master – then the gift of piety will be of great help for you. This gift makes us see in God not merely our Sovereign Master, but the best and most loving Father. This will fill our soul with confidence and love whenever we consider that we are children of such a good Father. We’ll be led to adore Him with holy joy, and the practice of our spiritual exercises (prayer, reading, attending Mass, etc) will become a fulfillment of a longing we have for our Father. We’ll be led to greater generosity in our relationship with God, always so happy to sacrifice for him and his glory. We’ll be much more open to receiving his plan for our lives.

What’s more, we’ll begin to love in a stronger way even those things and people who are closely associated with our Father. For example, we’ll love and venerate the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is the Mother of God and our spiritual Mother, since she best reflects the perfections of God. We’ll love the Angels and Saints who have gone before us, showing us the ways of holy perfection. We’ll love the Word of God, which reveals the loving plan of salvation God has for us. We’ll love the Church, the vessel by which Jesus continues his mission on earth. We’ll love the Pope, the visible representative of Jesus on earth. We’ll love all those who have authority over us, because they have been given that authority by our Father who loves us so much.

Who needs this gift?

As with the gift of Counsel, it’s clear to see everyone needs this gift. Without this gift, prayer becomes too burdensome and the commands of the Lord begin to appear far too severe. This gift allows us to actually enjoy living our lives for Jesus Christ. We all need it! Anyone who is striving to live a life of spiritual perfection needs this gift. It will also be helpful for those who regularly interact with people who do not appeal to them, for this gift will allow us to see everyone as God sees them, for we are all children of the good Father.

How do I prepare myself to receive the gift of Piety?

Someone who is well-prepared to receive the gift of Piety will have developed the habit of meditating on Sacred Scripture which reveals the goodness and paternal mercy of God. This person will also develop the habit of transforming ordinary daily actions into acts of prayer, doing these actions in order to please our Father in Heaven. Doing this will transform one’s entire life into a prayer, which is pretty neat.

Come, O Blessed Spirit of Piety, possess my heart. Enkindle therein such a love for God, that I may find satisfaction only in his service, and for his sake lovingly submit to all legitimate authority. Amen.

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