Monthly Archives: May 2016

May 29

Most Holy Eucharist – My Lord and My God

May 23

The Spirit Will Speak [SERMON]

It seems we’re all so willing to do whatever the Lord tells us to do, but so few of us are actually listening to hear the voice of the Lord. Jesus tells us that the Spirit of Truth will guide us into all truth and declare to us everything Jesus desires us to know. Are we listening for the Spirit?

May 16

Remember Who You Are [SERMON]

Jesus tells us we have to prove our love for him by following his commands, which is difficult. He promises to send an Advocate, the Holy Spirit, to assist us. We need the Holy Spirit and the good news is that we’ve already received this Spirit in our Baptism. As fallen sinners, we also need a renewal of those graces received at Baptism, so we must ask for this renewal.

May 13

Sealed With the Gift: The Gift of Wisdom

We’re preparing ourselves to receive the Holy Spirit in a new way at the celebration of Pentecost, the day we recall the gift of the Holy Spirit given to the disciples who were in one place together in Acts 2. There are so many ways we could prepare. This series is focusing on the gifts the […]

May 12

Sealed With the Gift: The Gift of Understanding

The gift of Understanding enables us to penetrate the inner meaning of revealed truths and confirms our belief in these truths.

May 11

Sealed With the Gift: The Gift of Knowledge

The Gift of Knowledge helps clear our vision and quiet our senses, that we may see God and his intention in all things.

May 10

Sealed With the Gift: The Gift of Fear

The Gift of Fear gives us a vivid sense of God’s greatness and therefore extreme dread of the least sin that may offend him.