Monthly Archives: April 2016

April 07

Minute with Me – With US!

Father Bryan and Father Vasek are together at long last! Here’s the deal, Father Vasek loves spiritual milk, and Father Bryan deals only with meat. … Pray about it. 🙂

April 04

Burritos, Movies, National Championship. Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

April 03

3 Commercials – 1 Mercy

Jesus wants to deliver the Mercy of God to you. He sometimes does this directly, other times through others. Find out more by listening to this weekend’s sermon “3 COMMERCIALS – 1 MERCY”.

April 03

The Breath of God [SERMON]

Jesus breathed on his Apostles after appearing to them. This breath filled them with new life, with his own life. From there they were given the same mission as Jesus himself and they carried out that mission. We must receive new life from Jesus through the Sacraments, through prayer, through the Scriptures…and then carry out the mission Jesus gives us.