Monthly Archives: March 2016

March 28

Caught in Amazement [SERMON]

No one knew Jesus better than St. Peter (besides Mary, Jesus’ mother). Jesus told Peter what was going to happen to him. Peter knew the Old Testament prophecies about the Suffering Servant. And still, he went home “amazed at what had happened” when he saw the empty tomb. We need to allow ourselves to be caught in amazement when considering the Paschal Mystery.

March 20

Hosanna! [SERMON]

Jesus came as the King and acted differently than anyone expected, which led to his crucifixion…which led to our salvation. Our King is one who is willing to sacrifice even his own life so that we may live. Cry out to him, “Hosanna!”

March 16

I’m Changed (Audio Sermon)

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The Adulterous Woman in the Gospel shouldn’t actually be known by us as the Adulterous Woman, but rather, the Forgiven Woman… the Woman-Mercifully-Treated. If we saw her for what she is, not for what she has done, we could begin to see others like that, and ourselves as well. This sermon is meant to minister to your heart and encourage you. I sure hope it does!

March 13

Receive Mercy & Grow [SERMON]

Receiving the mercy of Jesus is an incredible gift, a gift so incredible that it makes a person feel as though in a dream. This is how powerful life can be for one in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

March 07

It’s All About Food [SERMON]

The Israelites finally got to eat good food when they entered the Promised Land. The Prodigal Son couldn’t wait to eat the food of his father when he returned from living a life of dissipation. We, too, should build up a hunger for the Food of God, the Eucharist.