Monthly Archives: February 2016

February 28

Learn from the Israelites [SERMON]

Homily from the 3rd Sunday in Lent. St. Paul calls the Corinthians to learn from the example of the Israelites. Even though ALL of them received abundant graces from the Lord, MOST were not found to be pleasing to him and so were not granted entrance into the Promised Land. In the same way, the Corinthians have been given an abundance of grace in Jesus Christ, yet many of them are living in two worlds: the world of Christianity and the world of paganism. This cannot be so. Neither can it be so for us. We must put aside our double life and living completely for the Gospel.

February 25

Unattached to the World [SERMON]

Jesus is a perfect model as one living in the world without being so attached to worldly things that he is unwilling to part with them. His focus on Heaven leads to his complete detachment from the pleasures of the world. We, too, must keep our focus on Heaven.

February 24


Verse by verse exposition of Philippians chapter 3. To be read alongside the Scriptural text. Dig Deep!

February 21


A great message for you to be encouraged that your Heavenly Father has prepared a seat for you, and to help you focus your energy, mind and thoughts on it!

February 15

Pray Fast Give Alms

Jesus conquered the devil via prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. He commands us to do the same. Here are some concrete ways of doing this to gain victory for yourself or others.

February 07

THE ANSWER (…to almost every question)

Paul gives us the answer for almost every question that could be posed to us in reference to religion.
Why do you go to Church?
What’s the big deal about Christianity?
Why do you bother with religion?
Why not just stay at home on Sunday?
Locate the answer by listening to this week’s message.

February 02


Verse by verse exposition of Philippians chapter 2. To be read alongside the Scriptural text. Dig Deep!