Prayer Workshop: Spontaneous Prayer & Holy Thoughts

Silent Prayer

(For an explanation of the Prayer Workshop, click here.)

Direct all of your hopes to God by brief, ardent upliftings of your heart. These are very simple prayers and do not need to be longer than 1 or 2 short sentences.

Praise his excellence: “You are everything, Lord. I need nothing more than your love.” “You are God and I am not.”

Invoke his aid: “Jesus, redeem my life!” “God, come to my assistance! Lord, make haste to help me!”

Adore his goodness: “Praise God!” “God, you are so good.”

Offer your soul to him: “I give you everything, Lord.” “All is yours, Jesus.” “Be my God.”

Let him lead you as a father leads a child: “Lord, I give you control. Let your will be done. Reveal your will to me.” “Lead me where you want me to go.”

Kindle by every possible act your love for God! Speak with your heart or mouth whatever springs forth from the love within you. Let everything lead your memory back to God and his glory.

Let your conversation with the Lord last throughout the entire day, even if you speak only one or two sentences at a time. Let him remain present in your mind all day long, so that he may speak to you and tell you of his love.

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