Prayer Workshop: Spiritual Rest

Silent Prayer

For an explanation of the Prayer Workshop, click here.

(I’ve mentioned this topic before, as you can see here, but I’ll mention it again because it is very important.)

Read what our teacher has to say about this:

This is a matter…to which I am very anxious to win your attention, for in it lies one of the surest means of spiritual progress.

At various points during the day, stop what you are doing and place yourself in the Presence of God. Of course, he is always with you and you with him, but we so easily forget this fact. Our lives are so busy with work, chores, technology, family, friends, etc. and our minds are too easily distracted from recalling our resolutions made during our Morning Prayer. That is why this phase of the Prayer Workshop is so important. We must strive always to remember the Ultimate goal, which is eternal life in Heaven.

When you stop what you are doing and recall the Lord’s Presence, recall also that he breathes life into you and looks upon you with incomparable love at every moment. Close your eyes and rest in his embrace. Perhaps you may go to Calvary and see him looking with love upon you from the Cross as he dies for your salvation. Or perhaps you may go to the stable in Bethlehem and behold the Baby who has come to save you from eternal damnation. Or perhaps still you may see him ascending into Heaven so that he may send the Holy Spirit to dwell in your soul.

Find rest in these places, even while you are in the middle of your most busy day, or while you are in such a huge crowd that no rest seems possible. Pray these words (or something like them):

You, Lord, are my refuge, my castle, my stay, my shelter in the storm and in the heat of the day. Let me remain in your presence this entire day. Give me grace to recall your love for me and for all of your people. Give me unfailing rest.

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