Prayer Workshop: Evening Prayer and Examination of Conscience

Silent Prayer

(For an explanation of the Spiritual Workshop, click here.)

Set aside a few minutes in the evening, perhaps after the evening meal or sometime before going to bed. Go to your prayer space and recollect yourself in the Presence of Christ. Renew the warmth of your Morning Prayer by recalling the points of meditation which helped you the mostRecommit yourself to serving the Lord in every moment of the day, especially as the evening draws to an end and fatigue sets in.

Examine your conscience and reflect on the entire day up to this point:

Thank God for the day.

Consider all that happened during the day: Where have you been? With whom did you interact? What did you do? Did you serve God as you resolved to do?

Thank God for all the good things that occurred. Consider what thoughts, words, or actions have offended God and ask forgiveness of him. Resolve to do better tomorrow.

Offer everything – your body and soul, friends and family, all your relations – to God. Ask the saints and angels to intercede for you to God.

Finally, go to rest, knowing that God himself has commanded you to do so.

Neither this practice nor that of the morning should ever be omitted; by your morning prayer you open your soul’s windows to the sunshine of Righteousness, and by your evening devotions you close them against the shades of hell.

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