EvangelicalDisciple Wants to Grow! Will You Help Us?

Since its launch in December of 2012, EvangelicalDisciple has now reached 10,000 views with a following of over 4000 people, including Facebook and Twitter.  All that with free resources.  THAT IS GREAT NEWS!!!  … … Bad news… those free resources aren’t able to keep up much longer.  Prime example: SoundCloud hosts 3 hours of audio tracks for free… we have 6 minutes left and then we have maxed out.

What we currently have:

Free blog

Free SoundCloud

Generic recording devices

What we’d like to do:

upgrade to WordPress PREMIUM: $100 per year. Benefits: expanded blogging techniques; no ads (this is big… ads can be nasty); greater flexibility in design; greater influence in the world wide web with unique domain name.

upgrade to SoundCloud PRO: $135 per year. Benefits: we are out of time on the free program, so without this SoundCloud is over; unlimited recording; greater flexibility in audio hosting

lots of other things!  However, the above is the main campaign at this time.  If you like what you see/hear, please think about supporting our growth!

May Jesus Christ be Praised!

EvangelicalDisciple, SimplyBearded and ZealousSheep


Father Craig Vasek, Deacon Bryan Kujawa, and Elizabeth Rzepka



Send us a note and we’ll share ways to support us.