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  1. Father Craig…Just listened to your witness and it was so much more than expected. You are truly gifted to bring God’s glory to all people. Your story is certain proof of our need of the Savior on a personal basis in our daily lives. I am certain that we will hear you again, live, at a gathering of His people at some location unknown at this moment. We will keep you in our prayers and God bless you!!…Larry and Ann Hunter.

    PS We are following the journeys of your fellow priests from the Diocese of Dubuque. You must visit them some time.

  2. Hi Father Craig – My friend Larry Hunter told me tonight about your witness talk. I just listened to it. So many things you shared have happened in my life. I’m older now, I am married and have three beautiful daughters. My oldest is a freshman in high school. I have quit so many things I used to do, thanks to Jesus Christ. Thank you for your beautiful message. Please pray for me, to be the best husband, father and man I can be…as God designed me to be.

    1. Hi Jason! Great to hear from you! Isn’t it great how Jesus is able to exercise authority over us to free us to serve Him in joy! I will pray for you today for sure. Hopefully anyone who reads this post will stop and whisper a prayer into the Lord’s ear for you as well.

  3. Greetings Father Craig..The Faith Formation committee in our church, All Saints in Cedar Rapids, IA, asked me if I knew of any priest that might be available for a Mission during lent in 2017. I immediately thought of you. So, is this something you would be able to do? We are scouring God’s Kingdom here on earth to find who the Holy Spirit will send. Please consider it and let me know at your convenience. we will be in Hallock in May for my mothers 103rd birthday. Just listened to your sermon on gifts of the spirit. Praise God…. Larry Hunter

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