Is Holiness Even Possible?

I read about the lives of the greatest saints – Francis of Assisi, Padre Pio, Augustine of Hippo, Mother Teresa, Maximilian Kolbe, Ignatius of Loyola, Thérèse of Lisieux, etc. – and see what great virtue they attained during their lives on Earth. Then I look at my own life and see my lack of virtue. I see my own laziness, pride, bad habits, poor character, lack of integrity, etc.

I’ll NEVER be able to get to the level of heroic virtue attained by the saints. I’ll NEVER be a saint. I’ll ALWAYS be stuck in this pool of sin, NEVER able to crawl out. The darkness will ALWAYS rule my life and I’ll NEVER be able to truly live in the light.

Child of God — STOP!! Realize your dignity!

These absolute words are the words of Satan, who wants you to think heroic virtue is impossible to attain. He wants you to think you will never be holy. Because it is in these very thoughts that virtue becomes impossible to attain and holiness never approached. DO NOT LET HIM WIN! Holiness is possible! Heroic virtue is something we can all attain!

Claim yourself as a child of God in the Name of Jesus Christ, who has already won the victory! Anytime you find yourself hearing these thoughts, simply exclaim:

“I claim myself as a child of God and a disciple of Jesus Christ! In the Name of Jesus Christ, I command you, Satan, to leave me at once! Jesus, come to my aid and win the victory for me! Redeem my life.”

Let the victory of Christ on the Cross be your victory everyday of your life. Flee temptations to sin and cling to the Cross; there – and only there – you will find freedom from Satan.


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