Supernaturalizing the Natural – The Spiritual Combat, 23.

The Spiritual Combat

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The Spiritual Combat, Chapter 23: Other Ways to Regulate Our Senses

Sooo good, and sooo practical.

When you see something beautiful, realize that it is ugly compared to the beauty found in Heaven.

When you see the sun, recognize that your soul is more brilliant if it is in God’s grace; if it is not, it is darker than the darkest night.

When you hear the singing of birds, or any other beautiful song, rest assured that the ALLELUIA of the angels will be all the more euphoric.

When you take a step, remember that you are one step closer to your own end.

Anything that you read or hear, let it be the Lord Himself Who speaks to you.

Know that the Saints are examples of the champions.

When you see a church, know that you are a temple of the living God.


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