Practical Ways to Meditate on the Life of Jesus – The Spiritual Combat, 22.

The Spiritual Combat

The Spiritual Combat, Chapter 22: Practical Ways to Meditate on the Life of Jesus

Great counsel on how to think about Jesus each day.  In anything that I see, let it remind me of an aspect of the life of Jesus.
Some have called it “supernaturalizing the natural.” Others might think of it as a holy game, an exercise of the mind, to relate my experience to the life of Our Lord.  Whatever one calls it, it is a good idea.

But first, one must come to intimately know the life of Our Lord.  How can I relate my life to the life of Jesus if I don’t know His life?  So I must come to know His life.  In particular, his Passion for my freedom.

Examples from the text:

When I see a run down building, remember the stable and manger Jesus was born in.

When I see drops of rain, remember the drops of Blood He lost in the Garden.

When I see rocks, remember the rocks rent asunder at His death.

When dressing, I remember that God put on human flesh for me.

When undressing, I remember that Jesus was stripped for me.

All the objects of His Passion: weapons, cords, scourges, pillars, thorns, reeds, nails, hammers, all can be related to His Passion.

Supernaturalize the natural.

Relate your life to His.

Know His life.

The Spiritual Combat text: here.



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