Do You Have a Biblical Worldview?

Your worldview is your guiding principle for life.  It answers the questions: What is most important?  How do I fit into the bigger picture?  What should I devote myself to?

A person can have a number of worldviews, I suppose, but one will rise to the fore as the true rule for life.

Some worldviews include:
Political: democrat, republican, independent…
Secular: this life is all that I have
Parochial: small town; my little life is the most important.
American: greatest country mindset; land of the free.
Religious: denominational identity.

Then there is the real-world worldview, the Biblical Worldview.  This is the worldview that Jesus gives to us, as He reveals the fullness of the truth of God.  “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life.” (Jn 14:6).

The Biblical Worldview is what brings everything into perspective, since every knee will bow at the name of Jesus.

Here are 21 aspects of the Biblical Worldview (not an exhaustive list):

1) Life is shorter than you think.

2) The path to Life is narrow.

3) Only a few are saved.

4) The things of this world are vain.

5) Everything comes to an end.

6) The time left is uncertain.

7) There will be a strict accounting of your life.

8) The road to Hell is easy.

9) The road to Salvation is hard.

10) You are indebted to God for your creation.

11) You owe God a debt of love.

12) You have wasted most of your life.

13) You deserve punishment.

14) The devil is real.

15) Sin is horrible.

16) There was a great price paid for your salvation.

17) There are consequences for your choices.

18) There will be a judgment.

19) You will go either to Heaven or to Hell.

20) Heaven is better than you can imagine

21) Hell is worse than you can imagine.

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