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October 25


Jesus is always desiring to come near to us. We often think He wants to condemn us, but that is a lie. That is the enemy tricking us. Jesus says “COME TO ME.” Jesus wants to love us. Jesus wants to show us mercy. He spoke to a lady once: “I love those who after […]

October 20

Practical Ways to Meditate on the Life of Jesus – The Spiritual Combat, 22.

The Spiritual Combat, Chapter 22: Practical Ways to Meditate on the Life of Jesus Great counsel on how to think about Jesus each day.  In anything that I see, let it remind me of an aspect of the life of Jesus. Some have called it “supernaturalizing the natural.” Others might think of it as a […]

October 18

Do You Have a Biblical Worldview?

Your worldview is your guiding principle for life.  It answers the questions: What is most important?  How do I fit into the bigger picture?  What should I devote myself to? A person can have a number of worldviews, I suppose, but one will rise to the fore as the true rule for life. Some worldviews […]

October 18

Capturing a Noble Spoil – The Spiritual Combat, 21.

The Spiritual Combat, Chapter 21: Capturing a Noble Spoil – or – Moving from the Creature to the Creator We love to indulge in sensible delights.  This chapter assists in purifying our indulgence.  In fact, our master teaches us never to indulge in anything for the sake of pleasure alone. Ouch. Hedonistic America won’t hear […]

October 17

How to Combat Sloth – The Spiritual Combat, 20.

The Spiritual Combat, Chapter 20: How to Combat Sloth “I don’t care.” We don’t need to say it to live it.  In any area of my life where I live this ‘I don’t care-ness’, sloth has moved in.  And, as it is opposed to my walk with Jesus, it is very dangerous.  Love the Lord […]