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August 29


Few people are saved (cf. Matthew 7:14).  Fewer yet are those enlisted in the canon of Saints of Holy Mother Church.  But who receives remembrance and praise like John the Baptist? Two feasts, honoring his two births: his birth from Elizabeth’s womb, and his birth into eternity! To continue with a liturgical study, it is […]

August 18

Misty Edwards – The Harlot

A number of images from Sacred Scripture come together in this very serious piece of poetic worship by Misty Edwards. The adulterous woman (John 8:1-11) forms the substance of the prayer. Misty uses this familiar Biblical account to place each of us into the same situation as the harlot, that is: we have all sinned, […]

August 17

Before, During, After: Temptations of the Flesh – The Spiritual Combat, 19.

The Spiritual Combat, Chapter 19: On the Way to Resist the Sins of the Flesh The advice given here is different than for other temptations.  We are not to confront these temptations of the Flesh head-on, but our combat is by fleeing their occasion and going to Our Saviour.  Our technique in the past has […]

August 17


A brief summary from a great night of worship with Matt Maher and a message I gave.

August 15

Jesus Is Lord!

Here’s a message I gave to a couple hundred college students who are serving Jesus, going after souls. Jesus is Lord!