The Spiritual Combat

The Spiritual Combat, Chapter 16

Our teacher in combat doesn’t miss to speak of what many great masters have understood as the most important moment of the day: waking up.
This moment has the power to dictate the rest of the day’s theme.
“Win your first battle, and the rest will be yours!” the saints have taught through the ages.
SO, when you rise, do not let your eyes deceive you; things are not as they seem.
Our exterior eyes see only the material world; our interior eyes are able to see the spiritual world.  Therefore, upon rising, make sure your interior eyes are opening along with your exterior eyes.
See your battle.
See your enemy.
See his army.
See also your Victorious Captain, our King and Saviour Jesus.
See his army; Mary, Joseph, the saints, the countless hosts of angels.
See how much more powerful and able is the army of your Lord and King.
See how much more interested in your deliverance is your Captain than the enemy.
See victory.

Instead of first reaching for the lamp to give light to the room, the glasses to give clarity to the things in light, the contact lens to focus the images around…
Instead of these, reach within to the interior eyes of the spiritual realm; reach for Jesus, reach for the saints, reach for the angels, reach for your instruments that give light, clarity and focus to the things of the spirit.

Upon Rising

The heroic minute.  Will I rise and enter the battle, or will i hit the snooze button.  Remember, this moment has the power to dictate the rest of the day’s theme.  Will it be victory or defeat?  Will it be of entering the battle, or of shrinking into an inevitable retreat and surrender to the enemy?

The statutes of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes – Psalm 19:8.

The Spiritual Combat text: here.



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