The Spiritual Combat

The Spiritual Combat, Chapter 11: Of some considerations which may incline the Will to seek to please God in all things
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What do we think about?  Typically, the things right in front of us.  We get blinded by the mad rush of tasks and chores that ‘need’ to get done today.  We get blindsided.

Our teacher, Dom Scupoli, knows that if we only think about the things right in front of us, we are bound to get knocked down and strangled.  His suggestion: Think about foundational reality.

What is foundational?

What is foundational is this: God created me out of nothing because He wants to show His love to me. AND, on top of this, He created everything for ME!  Think about that for a bit, instead of that car that is nicer than yours, or that person who got that thing you wanted and you didn’t get it.  You have the whole world at your service, because God created you and created the world for you.  You are not a slave to the world.  All of creation is at your service!

What is foundational is this: God sent His only Son to die on the Cross to deliver you from death.  GOD DIED FOR YOU, SO THAT YOU MIGHT LIVE!  Try thinking about that for a bit, instead of what people are posting on their walls, or what is on t.v. tonight.  I deserve Hell, and Jesus is giving me Heaven!

And on top of that, what is foundational is this: God is worthy to be loved not because of what He has done for me, but simply because He is God, and I am not.  This is praise.

Our teacher points out a one, two, three combination for having an ordinary day become an extraordinary, and supernatural, day.

1) God created me for Himself and He created everything else for me.
2) God sent His Son Jesus to die for me so that I can go to Heaven instead of Hell.
3) God is worthy of praise, apart from all the supernatural gifts He gives to me.

Biblical Worldview, take over my worldview!

Chapter 11 text:

Furthermore, to incline the will more readily to seek God’s honor and glory in all things, always remember that, in many and various ways, He has first loved and honored you.

In creation, by creating you out of nothing after His likeness, and all other creatures for your service.

In Redemption, by sending, not an angel, but His only-begotten Son, to redeem you, not with the corruptible price of silver and gold, but with His Precious Blood, and by His most painful and ignominious death. Remember, that every hour, nay, every moment, He protects you from your enemies, fights for you by His grace, offers you continually, in the Sacrament of the Altar, His well-beloved Son, to be your food and your defense; are not all these tokens of the inestimable regard and love borne to you by the Infinite God? It is not in man to conceive, on the one hand, how great is the value which so great a Lord sets upon us poor creatures in our loneliness and misery; and, on the other, how great the return we are bound to make to His Supreme Majesty, Who has done so many and such great things for us.

For if earthly lords, when honored even by poor and lowly men, feel bound to honor them in return, how should our vile nature demean itself towards the Supreme King of heaven and earth, by Whom we are so dearly loved and so highly prized?

And besides all this, and before all things, keep ever vividly in mind that the Divine Majesty is infinitely worthy to be loved for Himself alone, and to be served purely for His own good pleasure.



Chapter 12: Of the diverse will in man, and the warfare between them.

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