Magnifying God

One night in worship, a song’s lyrics went like this:

We will magnify, We will magnify the Lord enthroned in Zion.

I was completely distracted by the word magnify.  I don’t know what it means!  I mean, I know what it means, but I couldn’t think of a tight definition at the time.  What does it mean to magnify God?  It led to a beautiful reflection.

After Mary greeted Elizabeth, she sang a song.  For centuries that song’s name has been called the Magnificat:  My soul MAGNIFIES the Lord.  What does it mean?

Think of the tool named for the word: a magnifying glass.  It makes things appear bigger.  It allows the viewer to see the object with more detail.

Think of a telescope.  It brings things that are barely recognizable into easy viewing.

Think of a microscope, and the tiny little object on the viewing glass.

We see the object as a whole.  As we zoom in, the object takes up more of the lens.  We are able to see the details of the object so much more clearly.  As we zoom in further, we can’t even see the whole object anymore, but we are able to see so many intricacies and aspects of the object.  The object is now too much for us to see all at once and has filled our entire vision.

So with God.  We can understand God as God.  And from a distance, God is God.  But what does that mean?  As we begin to zoom in on God in prayer, He comes into view and we begin to see Him as He is, a much bigger reality than how it may have seemed at first glance.  As we zoom in on Him, we begin to see so many of His attributes and qualities – His grace – His goodness – His mercy – His providing – His love – His patience.

All of these qualities begin to fill our vision and our lives. The thoughts we have used to think of other things we now use to think of Him and He is magnified.  The words we have used to speak of other things we now can use to speak of Him and He is magnified.    The actions we have used to do other things we now use for Him and He is magnified.  The praise that we have given to other people or things we now give to Him and He is magnified.

God doesn’t get bigger (magnified) over time; He is already infinite.  However, He does get bigger (magnified) over time, by becoming bigger (magnified) in our lives – our thoughts, words, actions, and praise.

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