God’s Desire for Our Desire / 3 Songs to Help

The typical young adult is not thinking about eternity all that often.  The question of the individual human’s ultimate destiny is not usually at the foreground of the mind.  Lots of important questions are there, and even more not-at-all important questions are there.  Precisely because we are busy, active, bombarded, and in a hurry, we need to keep an eternal perspective.  What is God’s desire for us?  What is our response to look like?

Three songs, three movements.  God wants our decision for Him.  We must recognize our need.  We must offer ourselves to Him.

Forever – Ben Harper

This song shows us the eternal perspective we must keep in view: God wants our forever, and we wants God’s forever.

Lord, I Need You – Matt Maher

This song is our response to the forever that we recognize our need for.  God is the only One who can give it.

Here is My Heart – Kim Walker

Having recognized the forever we are meant for, and acknowledging our need for God to give it to us, this is our response, our life!

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